hye bloggie..Friday is such a boring day..haha..actually I don't have class today except for Finance tutorial at 300 pm..

however..I need to woke up early becuz I have lab on 830..siud doh..ahh..a little bit nervous becuz we have to make our own Paracetamol tablets with those high tech machines.. :)

so we arrived at the lab at 830 am..but nobody was there..'abang-abang' lab assistant also were not there..ape lah.that day they told us to come at 900 am..but then we have to wait until 10 baru they came to the lab..teruk gila.. :p

and the journey first our doh ( doh ini bukan doh kek okeh ) :p was very good with nice flow property and bla bla bla..then..suddenly we realized that we don't put the binder for the tablet ( ohh..I forgot the name of that ingredient :p ) and after that our doh started to become overwet and still wet eventhough after intensive drying..

then we have to continue the experiment this evening..however I dont know
whether our tablets mission was succeed or not becuz I 'ponteng' that quality control session..haha..opss..senyap-senyap je okeh :p

lab girls made the doh of paracetamol.. they put the doh into the mixer..

yey..finally my tablet were completely done..comel akk tablets I ?? hehe

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ღ TeRU²bOzUღ said... [Reply to comment]

best nyeeeee!

zuhanismohamed said... [Reply to comment]

haha..sebenarnye pressure gila kot sebab takut tablet xjadi..

shafinas rinoa said... [Reply to comment]

alhamdulillah jadi gak...korang grp syikin skali ke?sorry la kalo intan bg formulation xcomplete..rasa mcm complete je huhuhu

zuhanismohamed said... [Reply to comment]

xpun..ini entry sebelum dpt taw yg kitorg punya tablet xjadi..hehe
ala..xpelah..kitorg punye salah sendiri td 2..sebab 2 xjadi..
bukan salah k.intan pun :)