Note from Pharmacist To Be With Love..

I realized I was really scared with the hospital since I was kid..I scared with the people including the patients, nurses and doctors..I scared with the smell of the hospital..I scared with blood..I scared with dead peoples..and every time I went there..I will have stomachache without no reason..ha ha..and that is why I don't like to be in the hospital..

My ambition when I was kid is to being a doctor..even mak asked me to apply medic after I got my Pre-Degree result..but I can't..I was not strong enough to hold the big responsibilites because a doctor need to save people's life..and the other reason was also due to my phobia I think..ha ha..then I chose to further my study in Pharmacy..I just apply..because I love Chemistry then..he he..

Now..after three years..I realize ( once ) to become a pharmacist..I also have to hold a very big responsibilities..yes for sure I need to work in the hospital..I need to see patients which sometime in a horrible condition..and maybe I can caused death of my patients if I do mistakes..that's the most scariest part I think..hmm..

However..It is a shame if I am turning back now so I will keep looking forward..I am trying my best to overcome my weakness..and I hope I can get the strength to face all these things..

Next month..for the first time in my life..I will be going to the hospital and start my hospital attachment at Hospital Tunku Ampuan Rahimah Klang for 4 friends told me that there were a lot on Banglas and Indons there..ha ha..I wish it will give me a lots of experiences and informations..

P/s : Sorry for the broken English..ha ha..I dont expect people will read this boring entry..but if you read this..thank you !! hee :)

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shapoji said... [Reply to comment]

ye, tgok jer kat depan, takde berpaling kat belakang dah...harap sesama pkat kuar jadi pharmacist yg berjaya....huhu

zetty said... [Reply to comment]

yeap pandang la ke dpn..huhu same la kite even dip je, tp kne usaha nk smbg degree :( oh jom2 practical, zati dkt KK Kajang hehe kwn zati kata kat HTAR ok, gud luck! :))

zuhanismohamed said... [Reply to comment]


harap begitu juga..susah tp lama2 nanti mesto boleh..haha

yes..aku ttp pandang ke depan :)

zuhanismohamed said... [Reply to comment]


pandang ke depan ni..hehe

oke..tq eh zati..hehe

Shafiq Rosli said... [Reply to comment]

aku pn dpt HTAR jgk..
kne prepare dr segi fizikal & mental..huhu

eesyaheera said... [Reply to comment]

wow, Jodie should read this entry! haha. good luck. semoga kau tak terikat dengan bangla

p/s : nak mintak tolong kau buat ade button reply kat comment box boleh x?

miSz TiQue said... [Reply to comment]

huhu...jgn sedih2..kna harung gak ye.Saya pon akn harungi bnda2 tu jugak.Tapi sdengar cte snior pharmacist kat sana temper dia swing.coz ade snior pharmacist tu ajar kt UM...

zuhanismohamed said... [Reply to comment]

@miSz TiQue

oh yang baut saya makin takut ni !! isk :(