Ayah Dan Ibu

Today..I cried sambil cover-cover my face during Dean List Award Ceremony..hehe..

Why ? because I really touch when they played a poem with a slide show that related to my real life..the poem has a very deep meaning..

It is a story of our parents's difficulties to raise up their childrens..I was a girl that have a heart as hard as a stone ( hati batu lah tu ) haha..I alway refuse to cry..However..I lose this day..I can't control myself and finally cry badly..malu doh :p

I know since I was baby even since I was born I was a troublesome for them..I keep doing mistakes and sometime make them hurt..

Now when I am getting older and I know how difficult they are in raising me up..I promise to diri sendiri to make sure they are happy and I will do everything I can to make their life better..I will make them proud..

today's mood is a little bit sad..hehe..so..I put this video here so that all of us can understand the message from this poem.. enjoy :)

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ishiko said... [Reply to comment]

ouh, syg... ta dpt nk tgk video tu...
*hye..thaxs for drop by..

zuhanismohamed said... [Reply to comment]

nanti bila2 tengok ek..best ni..hehe..
okeh..tq tuk kamu juga :)

echah mashuri said... [Reply to comment]

tp suara dia xfeel sgt...huuhu

zuhanismohamed said... [Reply to comment]

tp layan jgk lah sore pakcik ni..hehe

eesyaheera said... [Reply to comment]

at least ko dapat la jugak dekan 2 sem. aku ni lagi la xberguna kat mak abah aku

zuhanismohamed said... [Reply to comment]

jgn ckp gtu..
ada 5 sem lagi nak dapat dekan ni..huhu